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Our Shimmi's

A Few Testimonials

“A Shimmi is such a practical idea, I can’t believe no-one has thought of it before. Now I don’t feel guilty every day putting a dirty, damp saddle pad on my poor horse”


“My husband used to complain about me putting my horse’s dirty, smelly saddle pad into our washing machine. Now I just rinse my Shimmis by hand AND my saddle pad stays clean and fresh too”


“My brand new numnah has stayed clean and fresh, thanks to a clean Shimmi every day”



  • Extremely soft
  • Highly absorbent – literally attracts dirt and moisture
  • Thin (sits discreetly under the saddle pad or numnah)
  • Easy to wash – fast drying
  • Will not slip or ruck up under the saddle
  • Will not compromise the fit of the saddle
  • Best of all, it will give your horse the benefit of soft, dry and clean contact on his back every single day.

Saddle pads and numnahs come in a vast array of colours and designs. They do a great job of absorbing sweat and dirt, but they are bulky and not designed to be washed (and dried) every day. It means that your horse will be expected to wear the same dirty, damp saddle pad/numnah day after day. Using a Shimmi will not only feel much better for your horse but it will protect and prolong the life of your saddle pad/numnah.

We realise that every horse owner, whether a professional or leisure rider, has to manage their time with their horse in the most effective way possible.

Owning a horse isn’t just about the riding. It’s about the time spent with our horse, caring for them and looking after their welfare. This means making sure that they are clean and comfortable, especially out on exercise. You wouldn’t feel happy putting on dirty, damp clothing day after day, so why would your horse?

Putting on a clean Shimmi every day will be kinder and healthier for your horse and means that you can always ensure he will have the benefit of clean dry clothing every day that is soft and comfortable.

Our Shimmi Equestrian Products – Why wouldn’t you use a Shimmi – there is too much riding on it!

Environmentally Friendly

SHIMMI ESSENTIALS – Our Shimmis don’t come in bright colours, with fancy patterns and the bling – save those for the saddle pads and numnahs. An important reason why the Shimmi is only made in one very neutral colour is because we want to do our bit in protecting the planet. Dyeing fabric is extremely damaging to the environment with between 17-20% of global industrial water pollution being caused by fabric dyes, so producing in one neutral colour makes sense.

We don’t want to spoil your smart turnout either. Remember, the Shimmi is designed to be functional and discreet, which means you won’t even see it when it’s on your horse.

A Final Note on Product Info and Packaging

Our product info, supplied with each Shimmi, is made entirely of recycled card. Only paper packaging is used for each product and our shipping envelope is, again, made from recycled plastic.

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