Protecting My Horse and Saddle Pad – The Shimmi Liners

As horse owners, I’m sure most of us would agree that keeping a horse is something of a juggling act.  Squeezing in time between home, work and family to spend with our four legged equine friend can be quite a challenge and there never seems to be enough time to attend to every chore. I’ve learned that there is certainly no truth in the words “just popping down to the stables for a bit” and I’m sure you’ve never heard any of your horse owner friends say that they spend too much time with their horse, the ultimate luxury

Although for most of us, actually getting out riding is the ultimate pleasure we get from owning a horse, we appreciate that all the mucking out, yard sweeping, grooming and tack cleaning are equally as important in ensuring his health and welfare.  Whether your horse or pony is out at grass or stabled, rugged or even clipped, daily grooming is really important, even if it’s just a quick brush before tacking up.

Despite this, even the cleanest horses will excrete grease, dirt and hair from their coat on exercise, not to mention sweat, if you’re having a really good workout.  Whilst it’s easy to get to work with a brush or even a wash down after exercise to get rid of that dirt and sweat, what about your saddle pad?

Shimmi EquestrianDirty and damp, it probably gets left in the tack room overnight, ready for your freshly groomed horse to wear tomorrow and, chances are, it won’t even have dried off completely by then.  As saddle pads and numnahs are intended for protection (and to enhance appearance) they are generally thick and bulky and not really suited to daily washing.  They’re difficult to wash by hand and take far too long to dry.

The simple solution to the problem is to use a Shimmi liner.  Made of soft, ultra-thin microfibre, a Shimmi is shaped to fit discreetly underneath either a saddle pad or numnah. It will do a great job of absorbing all that dirt, grease and sweat that gets locked into your thick quilted saddle pad or numnah and, what’s more, it will feel much nicer for your horse too.  Why, because you can use a fresh, clean Shimmi every day (just like wearing clean underwear). It’s so easy to rinse and it will dry in no time, ready for tomorrow.  It’s always nice to know that you won’t be without a clean Shimmi so that’s why we’re offering a special price for a pack of three. Start your collection today.