Shopping For You, or Your Horse?

We are, by nature, creatures of habit and this is no exception when it comes to spending our well earned money.  From selecting groceries to choosing a new car, our inbuilt guidance system automatically kicks in to take us through the checklist of:-

  • Have we bought this product before (or something similar?)
  • Do we know the label or brand?
  • Can we trust it?
  • Is it priced right?
  • Are we safe with it?

When I say “safe”, I mean, if I buy this product I’m I staying within my comfort zone, I’m not taking any risk and potentially, not wasting my money.

So what does this all have to do with horses you may well ask?  Well, from a great many years of working in the equestrian industry I came to believe that us horsey folk tended to be known as some of the shrewdest, most cautious spenders out there (some might even call us a bit ‘tight’!)  That’s no criticism, we had every reason to be so, given that horse ownership seems to be one of the most expensive hobbies on the planet, with an ongoing maintenance budget that comes close to breaking the bank. It’s no wonder that all those ‘horsey extras’ we still managed to spend our money on, had to be both trusted and functional. 

Over the years this picture has changed.  With consumer spending in the equestrian industry close to £5 billion across services and goods, it’s obvious that the market for equestrian products is thriving and it’s easy to see why.  When you look in your local tack shop or online, it’s clear that there has never been more variety, a wider assortment of brand names and all manner of new equipment and gadgets for both horse and rider.  Inevitably, with more choices and more options, it is getting harder and harder not to get carried away, especially when visiting one of the larger retail outlets (regarded as somewhat of a horse lover’s utopia).  Crammed full of literally everything from hoof picks to hair nets and saddles to sponges, browsing around one of these stores, you could very quickly push that budget beyond breaking point.

But, before you do just that, don’t forget, over the years, our horses’ needs haven’t increased, or even changed.  They don’t demand to have ten rugs, a variety of coloured head collars or saddle pads and a collection of brushes and accessories that would rival a hair salon!

It’s only natural that you want the best for your horse, we all do.  Just remember, it’s not all about appearances though.  Sometimes, it’s more about what’s practical and labour saving.  Our Shimmi Saddle Pad and Numnah Liners are both and we think your horse would agree.  Just imagine the next time you go shopping for you horse that you are taking him with you.  Next to the treats, I’m sure clean underwear would be high on his list.

Shimmi Equestrian