How the Shimmi came to be!!

The idea behind the Shimmi came about many years ago, some forty years to be precise.  My first job after leaving school was as a groom in a small National Hunt racing yard.  It was an extremely disciplined yard, headed by a well-respected trainer.  He was very innovative in his ideas and training methods. These included a horse walker, electric grooming parlour, infra-red heat treatment stalls, ultrasound therapy and a specially adapted massage rug. This was back in the 70’s!

Turnout for daily exercise had to be of an exceptional standard with tack cleaning as part of our everyday routine.  All exercise saddles were used with a thick quilted saddle pad but we always placed a clean thin cotton sheet on the horses’ back first. Known as a stable rubber for those old enough to remember them.

After exercise, these cotton sheets were promptly washed and hung to dry in the tack room or outside, weather permitting. They dried very quickly and were then folded and added to the pile that were stacked alongside the saddle racks.

This somewhat quirky practice ensure that:-

  • Every day, every horse being exercised benefitted from  fresh, clean and dry contact on their back
  • Our thick quilted saddle pads also stayed fresh, clean and dry
  • Our immaculate tack room did not smell of damp sweaty saddle pads that had clearly not seen water for weeks!

The Shimmi has evolved from this simple solution to an everyday problem of putting a dirty, damp saddle pad on a nice clean horse.  You wouldn’t feel too happy wearing the same damp sweaty clothing to work out in day after day, so why should your horse!!

We are looking to develop further products in the Shimmi range, all with the health and welfare of your horse in mind.  Keep checking back on our site, or follow us on Facebook to learn more about these products as they are launched. Don’t forget to leave your comments and feedback.

REMEMBER – Your horse isn’t properly dressed without his Shimmi underwear