Why use a Shimmi?

Saddle pads and numnahs are used to cushion and protect both your horse and saddle (and co-ordinate and personalise your turnout)  The trouble is that they are not designed to be washed daily.  Inevitably, the dirt and sweat that builds up in them is repeatedly transferred back to your horse’s back every day.  Using a clean, dry Shimmi every day will not only be kinder and healthier for your horse, but it will protect and prolong the life of your saddle pad or numnah.

Will the Shimmi absorb all the sweat and dirt from my horse’s back?

Even the cleanest horses and ponies excrete dirt, hair and sweat when exercising.  This varies depending on several factors such as:

  • Age and breed
  • Level of fitness
  • Degree of exercise
  • Season and stage of coat (clipped or full coat)

The Shimmi can absorb up to 7 x its weight in moisture, but this does not guarantee that it will prevent all dirt and sweat from penetrating through to the underside of your saddle pad/numnah.  However, using a clean, dry Shimmi every day will act as a barrier between your horse’s back and saddle pad/numnah.

My horse sweats excessively. Could I use two Shimmis under my saddle pad?

The Shimmi is so thin that using two would not add excessive bulk or compromise the fit of your saddle.

How will the Shimmi stand up to being washed after every use?

Though lightweight and incredibly soft, the Shimmi is extremely tough and resilient.  Following the washing instructions will ensure that, even with repeated washing or rinsing, your Shimmi will come up like new, time and time again, without fading or stretching.

Will the Shimmi be visible under my saddle pad?

No, the Shimmi Saddle Pad and Numnah are both 1” smaller all around than the average saddle pad and numnah to ensure that they are not visible and will not spoil your turnout.

Can I use a Shimmi instead of my regular saddle pad?

The Shimmi is not designed, or intended, to provide cushioning between the horse and saddle.  However, in certain conditions where you are confident of a well-fitting saddle, with no pressure points, the Shimmi could be used alone as a lightweight, absorbent ‘saddle cloth’ or ‘numnah’.

Will hay and bedding stick to the Shimmi?

Unlike other absorbent fabrics such as terry towelling which trap particles in the fibres, the unique microfibre chosen for the Shimmi will not trap hay or bedding which could cause irritation on contact with your horse’s back.

Will I have to wash my Shimmi after every use?

Washing after every use will ensure that your Shimmis stay fresh and clean.  However, as they are extremely fast drying, even without washing, your Shimmi will still be dry and comfortable for your horse to wear next day.

How do I care for my Shimmi?

Following simple washing instructions will ensure that your Shimmi stays fresh and looking like new, wash after wash.

  • Wash separately – microfibre is lint free but will attract lint from other fabrics
  • Wash or rinse frequently, at any water temperature
  • Machine or hand wash
  • ONLY use liquid detergent and avoid using fabric softener, as these products can clog the microfibres, reducing the absorbency of your Shimmi
  • Tumble dry if desired, but only on a low temperature setting